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At LeadingLife, our passion is to share with you the tools you need to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today. Through thoughtfully curated posts, helpful resources and beautiful photography and art, we aim to inspire and empower. Our articles are designed to coach and encourage, while delivering simple and effective ideas and practices that you can incorporate in to your every day. LeadingLife is a way of life.

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#LeadingLife - a blog that gives us passion for our future selves.

All of us at LeadingLife lead somewhat ‘normal’ lives - busy, hectic, with all-encompassing to-do lists. Like you, we dream of improving tomorrow, while needing to manage the reality of today. We enjoy work, time with family, an active lifestyle and find our greatest joy when those areas work in harmony. Share in this journey with us to learn, grow, and increase your passion for life. Please engage with us by commenting and sharing your experiences. You can also join our newsletter, connect with us via our Social Media links, and share our posts with others.

A little bit about Emma

An experienced human resources professional and leader, Emma knows how professional performance, organizational dynamics, and being entirely human with a real life can come together in harmony. Having had the sincere privilege of connecting with people at highs and lows in their life and career, and having muddled through her own highs and lows in life and at work, she has a backpack of skills and experience to share with you.

A little bit about John

John is a unique tech guru - while being an IT professional he’s also a devourer of self-help and leadership books and is always on the quest for self-improvement. John intersects his skills and knowledge of technical tools with strong management know-how. John has a knack for explaining complex tech speak in simple terms and his dedication to researching the best of the best means that those around him often ask for his opinion and advice - on anything from the newest tech gadget, to how to get that next promotion.


We are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Please use the embedded Google Map to see where we are in reference to you.  

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“Today is about being the best you can be. Tomorrow is about improving on yesterday.”