Creating The Life You Really Want

Creating The Life You Really Want

Do you ever feel as though you’re living a story someone else has written for you and it’s not the path you want in life? Do you bear the weight of expectations placed on you by your family, friends, and work? Do you no longer wish to live in the way others expect you to?

Well, there is a way you can pull the emergency cord and change the life you’re living - and it starts with your mindset. Contrary to what you may think, living the life you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t mean changing everyone around you, rather, it has everything to do with changing yourself!

In order to understand this concept, I want you to view life from a different perspective. But in order to do that, I want you to go back to your early childhood. Seem crazy? Stick with me here - and let’s dive in.

You, as a baby

Back when your mother held you in her arms, you had but only a few sounds to communicate with to the world. Your language had not yet formed and you were far from assigning meaning to words. Life was simple. Eat, sleep, poop, repeat!

As your mind took shape, your five senses helped you formulate associations: to people, to objects, to experiences. Wasn’t life exciting!?

You slowly began to develop your language. Mumma. Dadda. Boddle. Words of joy. Words of pain.

You continued to learn.

You, early childhood

By now you were walking around in your cute little dress or suspenders and cap. Life was all about new experiences and you were asking “why?” to every answer you were given. You may have asked many questions, but you didn’t have enough knowledge or understanding of the world to debate the many responses. You took what you were taught by your parents, your teachers, and accepted it as truth. This process, this time in your life, was how you became domesticated as part of society. You - without question, become part of your family, your community, and your country’s social structure.

FFWD to Today

Now that you’re an adult, your knowledge, your biases, and your experiences have all cultivated themselves into the wonderful person you are today. Do you believe that everything you’ve learned since childhood: your values, what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good and bad are so a part of you they can’t be changed? They can! And all you have to do is believe you possess the power inside to change it all!

The Reality Of You

The world as you know it, the beliefs you have, the job you hold, the interactions you have with family, the ways in which you give others your time, the thoughts you have about life and the responsibilities you’ve taken on as an adult…are all the teachings of someone else - which has lead you to where you are today. Now, is your opportunity to start questioning!

You know that voice inside that you’ve listened to all your life? What does it say to you throughout the day? Does it praise you for all the great things you’ve accomplished OR does it condemn you a thousand times for every transgression? Have you allowed your thoughts to create your own personal heaven? Or your own personal hell? If this idea of starting over and becoming happy with your life, inside and out, is intriguing… I challenge you to continue.

Next Steps

I have written this post to give you a snippet of an amazing book that has changed my life, calmed my internal voice and helped me realize what is important. It’s called:

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

The Four Agreements.jpg

Reading (or listening) to this book will give you an opportunity to break free. Break free of what you believe today in order to rebuild your beliefs in a way that aligns with the real you. It’s time to start living the life you’ve always wanted!

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